Transatlantic Poetry

TRANSATLANTIC Poetry is a unique community of poets writing in (or translating to) English from the US, UK, Europe, and beyond. We host an innovative series of readings that bring poets together from across the globe using YouTube Live Streaming technology.

Supported Readings

Kirsty Allison and Rebecca Gayle Howell on September 23rd, 2018:

Ashley M. Jones and Rethabile Masilo on June 3rd, 2018:

Saddiq Dzukogi and Phillip B. Williams on May 12th, 2018:

Kai Carlson-Wee and Nina Zivancevic on February 25th, 2018:

Neil Aitken and Jeannine Hall Gailey on September 30th, 2017:

John Clegg and Don Share on November 20th, 2016:

Vahni Capildeo and Tyehimba Jess on August 14th, 2016:

Geraldine Green and George Wallace on July 16th, 2016:

Eduardo C. Corral and Declan Ryan on March 19th, 2016:

Host of Hosts Reading on January 30th, 2016:

Jericho Brown and Yonatan Berg on August 1st, 2015:

Hilda Sheehan and Tim Krcmarik on January 18th, 2015:

Agi Mishol and Marie Howe on May 4th, 2014:

Marvin Bell and Esther Morgan on September 7th, 2013:

Jane Hirshfield and George Szirtes on August 14th, 2013:

Michelle Bitting and Andrew Philip on July 10th, 2013:

All Partners