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Ever wish you could listen to world-class poetry in bed, on the train, or at the top of a mountain?

In an effort to make our poetry broadcasts easy to access wherever you are, Transatlantic Poetry on Air is now offering audio-only podcasts of our most recent shows. The feed is free, and enables you to listen to past broadcasts on your mobile device even when offline. We support a wide range of popular podcast players including iTunes and Stitcher.

To celebrate, we are loading in all past broadcasts, starting with our very first and second live readings, which are now available on the podcast.

However, note that due to space restrictions, only the most recent two-or-three broadcasts will be available at any one time. So, when we load in the next two shows later this week, the first and second shows will disappear from the feed.

So, do take a moment and sign up now if you want to re-listen to some of the best recordings of the past two years as we roll them out over the coming weeks.

Now you no longer have to be online to access outstanding poetry from poets around the globe.

Click here for all available podcast options, and to sign up for new shows.

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