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Rachel HeimowitzI will never forget my first experience at an International Poetry Festival, the sheer excitement I felt the first time I heard poetry in another language while simultaneously reading the translated poem.

Each language has its own music and each poem opens to the world within that music. To experience both the music and meaning of poems in French, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, to feel the nuances that enhance the meaning if a poem is read in Mandarin or Cantonese, touched me and informed my own poetry.

Now you can experience this pleasure right in your own living room as Transatlantic Poetry brings you its very first bi-lingual reading. Please join us on May 4th, 2014 at 3PM EDT /8PM BST / 10PM IDT for a live broadcast of renowned Israeli poet, Agi Mishol and distinguished New York Poet, Marie Howe reading their poetry together, each in their native tongue. Agi’s translator, the poet Joanna Chen, will also be joining us.

Experience for the first time hearing poetry in another language while reading it in English right on your computer screen and enjoy not so much the differences between poets, but the amazing similarities of poems, poets and the beauty of poetry across the globe.

Agi Mishol and Marie Howe // Transaltantic Poetry on Air

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